City Media is a boutique telecommunications consultancy company that offers consultation and project management services in niche technologies in the telecommunications field.

Our services range from wholesale telecommunications, call termination through different partners around the world to local and international traffic dissemination.

Our vision is to enable convergence within the ICT sector with a clear focus on delivering excellence through customised products and solution offerings geared to leverage existing assets.

Other services provided are consulting services in GSM/VoIP/CDMA and Wimax technologies, which can range from the sale of end customer equipment to the supply of GSM/Wimax base stations, operation and maintenance of said products.

Our team has been involved within the global telecommunications industry in various fields for the last 25 years.

We offer a diverse mix of skills and these include consulting, software and hardware development, and project management through to satellite engineering capabilities.

Our one of a kind MFi product is as an outcome of providing a unique solution offering to fixed and mobile telecommunications providers alike. At present our focus is niche telecommunication products that can further enhance our clients product offering by:
Convergence without Compromise
User has Mobile or Fixed = Single Identity
Harmony with Architecture Integration
Hybrid Integration between Mobile & Fixed Line Systems
Unified Single Inter Connect Point
Our projects are always highly confidential in nature.